Strategic goals for the Government Programme 2019–2023 by the Artists’ Association of Finland 

The Artists’ Association of Finland’s goals for the Government Program 2019–2023 are published. The AAF’s main goal is to ensure that visual art is finally raised to the same level of funding as other artforms. Focusing on different aspects, all our goals seek to improve working conditions for visual artists as well as to advance legislative change to encourage the development of the sector. Like all workers, artists need adequate support structures and proper compensation for their work in order to ensure success in their creative work and their wellbeing.

Additionally, the share of art and culture in the Government budget should be increased to at least one percent to ensure that this growing sector, which employs an ever-greater number of people, will continue to develop.


  1. Increasing funding for visual art to parallel that in other art forms
  2. Permanently raising funding for art and culture to a minimum of one percent of the government budget
  3. Raising the level of working grants for artists and increasing their number
  4. Increasing the number of artist pensions
  5. Consolidating the system of exhibition payment
  6. Strengthening the percent for art principle
  7. Developing the spectrum of artists’ livelihood
  8. Developing the system of intermediaries in visual art

Read the full booklet: Strategic goals for the Government Program 2019–2023 by the Artists’ Association of Finland