Taideyliopiston avoin yliopisto, haku kesäopetukseen 2018

Hakuaika alkaa tiistaina 10.4.2018 klo 09:00

Lisätietoja opetuksesta ja hakemisesta:

avoin (at) uniarts.fi

  • Koulutuksen ajankohta: 11.6.2018 – 14.6.2018
  • Opetuskieli: englanti
  • Koulutuksen laajuus: 1 opintopistettä
  • Opetusaika: Päiväopetus
  • Opetustapa: Lähiopetus
  • Opiskelumuoto: Ohjattu opiskelu
  • Maksullinen: 15 euroa
  • Opettaja: Mammu Rankanen & Meri Linna

Dear participants, you are invited to sign up for an investigation on the intersection of sculpture and dance studies.

Traditionally, anatomy is studied in sculpture by modeling from external observation. This course introduces methods more familiar to other bodily artforms where observations is studied from an internal perspective. We will work together independently of our backgrounds using practises such as: shiatsu, somatic movement techniques, compositional and spatial improvisation (no previous experience required). Techniques related to sculpting and the material qualities of clay with be combined with bodily exercises. Classes will be conducted under the rhythm of a live accompaniment.

This course is a collaboration between the artist Meri Linna (KUVA, sculpture department teaching) and the lecturer of contemporary dance Mammu Rankanen (TEAK).